Transforming Industrial Facilities While Building Lasting Partnerships

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In the world of industrial cleaning, it’s not just about tackling the dirt you see — it’s about understanding the challenges you don’t. Industrial environments are breeding grounds for dust, dirt, and debris. These spaces aren’t your average commercial areas; they’re complex, and they require a level of expertise that comes only with experience.

With a reputation built on years of dedicated service and exceptional problem-solving abilities, Wingfoot Services has upgraded industrial facility-cleaning services from basic maintenance to strategic partnership. We combine technical prowess with a human touch, and our approach is redefining client satisfaction in industrial settings.

Industrial cleaning challenges

Here’s what we’re up against:

  • Buildup, grease, and grime: Specialized equipment and chemicals — like our high-capacity vacuums and pressure washers — are our weapons against the relentless entropy that industrial facilities face daily.
  • Spills: We see them not just as messes to clean, but as challenges to conquer, ensuring safety and thoroughness in any sticky (or slippery) situation.
  • Mold: It finds tricky spots to hide in industrial settings with porous or cracked concrete and nooks of delicate machinery. Our teams know where to look and what to do to both resolve contaminations and prevent mold from making your facility its new home.
  • Complex machinery: One of the tougher parts of industrial cleaning is navigating the complexity and variety of the facilities themselves. But for a highly experienced and strictly vetted team like ours? It’s not a problem.

When left unchecked — or when mishandled — these challenges pose serious risks. Operations could be halted if conditions deteriorate to a point where cleaning would disrupt workflows. Team morale and business reputation could take a hit if conditions become unsafe. Long-term dust and debris can damage facility equipment, leading to costly repairs and downtime. And compliance with regulations could become more difficult over time when superficial cleaning doesn’t resolve root problems. Partnering with a cleaning service you can rely on is critical.

Wingfoot Services: a case study in excellence

Wingfoot’s commitment to excellence is exemplified through our enduring partnership with Jeffery Golden, a valued client for almost eight years. Our story with Jeffery and his organization took a remarkable turn when his facility faced a persistent and baffling odor issue. Jeffery needed a solution, not just a temporary fix, and that’s where Wingfoot stepped in. Our team identified the problem, addressed the root cause, refreshed the space, eliminated the odor, and — in Jeffery’s own words — “It hasn’t come back.”

And that’s how we tackle and resolve just about any cleaning problem our clients face. Jeffery will tell you: “Anytime we’ve had any issues or any extra work that we’ve needed done with Wingfoot, they’ve stepped up and delivered in a big way.” And he’s right. That’s excellence. That’s what we do.

We specialize in janitorial programs and offer tailored solutions for industrial facilities. From floor and carpet care to window washing and power washing, we’re equipped to handle both routine and unexpected cleaning requests. Our commitment is to deliver lasting shine to every space we touch. And just as we have for Jeffery, we deliver in a big way for every client we serve.

The human touch in business partnerships

At Wingfoot, we believe that the service we offer and the personal connections we forge should go hand in hand. Our partnership with Jeffery Golden is a testament to that.

So when a water-line break threatened to disrupt Jeffery’s facility, Molly Marquess — Wingfoot’s own President and CEO — led the response. Jeffery remembers it clearly: “Molly actually came herself before her team got here, and she was able to get the water shut off. She was out here in her blazer at 8 in the morning. She’s great.”

Responsiveness is our baseline; personal investment is our promise. Molly’s hands-on approach is a perfect example of how we at Wingfoot go beyond the call of duty. As Jeffery aptly puts it, “Molly’s work ethic and the company she’s built — I think they’re second to none.”

These kind words from Jeffery mean so much to us. They show that our mission — to be the go-to cleaning service industrial facilities need — is driving impacts for real people. That’s the essence of Wingfoot: where every challenge is met with a personal touch and every solution strengthens a bond.

Partner with Wingfoot

We greatly appreciate this opportunity to share Jeffery’s story and celebrate the quality, consistency, and human connection it captures. After all, client satisfaction isn’t a just a measure of success for us. It’s what makes our work worth doing. So thank you, Jeffery Golden, for taking the time to tell us about your experience. Here’s to many more!

And to anyone looking for excellence and true partnership in your industrial cleaning plans, let’s make that happen. Visit
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