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By guest, Mar 28 2016 05:14PM

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Jan 31 2019 10:29PM by Dj

Why do your employees take other people with them to the work site and help clean when there not even an employee on payroll? That is a liability if they get injured and will sue Wingfoot! You have a female employee doing this and the person she brought with her has already injured themselves! Alcohol and drug test should be implemented! An ex employee has also been going to these worksites with her and cleaning for her? He used to be an accountant for you and resigned around December 2019...keep this anominoous for fear of these employees retaliating! Only concerned because of the safety of the elderly lady that helps clean and is not an employee. Worksite is in North Salt lake by recreation center...investigate as you wish

Feb 12 2019 11:11PM by Molly

Dear DJ,
Thank you so much for your post and concern! We were made aware of these issues as well and have terminated the parties involved for violating company policy. Persons not currently employees with our company are never allowed on any job site. This includes kids, partners, friends, family members, finace' etc.
Drug and Alcohol Testing is done randomly and upon injury.
We greatly want to thank you for your submission and concern!

Feb 28 2020 05:15AM by Joel Mckenzie

Why did you switch to such an awful app? The other one was so simple but for some reason you use this one.

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